Monday, February 6, 2012

Why don't people look their age anymore?

I'm not really talking about the old heffers who want to look like they're 25 again, although maybe I should talk about them.

What I mean is, when you're young, you want to be old, so you can drink, drive, have sex, get into clubs etc. But at least you look like you're in your teens. All baby faced and unspoilt. Except for the acne.

Then you get to your 20s and you get asked for your i.d coz you still look young enough to be in school. And that's okay, coz you still have time to age nicely and look good while you do it. And it's always a boost to your ego.

In your 30s, you start to look mature, and this is a good thing. At least you're not treated like a child coz you don't look like one. And people are showing a bit more respect.

In your 40s, you start wanting to turn back the clock. Trying all the skin products on the shelf to make you look like you're 25 again.

In your 50s you panic. OH MY GOD I'M AGING, I HAVE WRINKLES AND CROWS FEET, OH MY GOD!!!! And so of course you start looking into botox and facelifts to make you look 25 again.

In your 60s you get really vain. The last bastion of youth is slowly ebbing away and you see how youthful your daughter looks in her 30s or your granddaughter in her early teens, and you wonder where the time has gone and why you can't be 25 again.

Your 70s and 80s are spent losing your keys, your home, your partner, your marbles and your looks are long gone along with whatever money you might have had to live on and you're now in a nursing home or village, or even still in your home if you're lucky, but you've pretty much lost it. Unless you're still clinging to the last threads of youth and spend what last dollars you have on plastic surgery and boob jobs.

Your 90s are done for. You're definitely in a nursing home and you're old, grey and wrinkled. You eat once a day, get your arse wiped by strangers and wonder what the hell happened to your life and how the hell you got to where you are. You see your daughter move into her 60s, your granddaughter move into her 30s and any great-granddaughters glide into their teen years with acne and bursting boobs. You dream of days gone, (as much as you can with your diminished memory), and wish they were back, longing for the time your boobs were up around your neck and not around your feet. When crows were a bird and not big fat wrinkles on your face. That your eyes sparkled with sexual awareness and your heart raced at the sight of the person you loved and not because of the pacemaker keeping it going.

After that, there's just death!

And reincarnation if you believe in it, but then we never remember past lives when we come back anyway so what's the bloody point in that.

Ah youth, where's it gone???????

But back to my point.

I've seen a lot of people on tv lately who have taken me by surprise when finding out their age. Talking about youthful looks above, why do some people look older than they are?

If you've seen shows like How to look Good Naked, or Lose 10 Years in Ten days, or Trinny and Susannah, then alot of people tend to let themselves age and not look after themselves at all.

They may be 35 but look 50. They look old, haggard, wrinkly.


But then there's those that look more mature than their age. You try and guesstimate their age, and then when you find out they're younger you're shocked. Not that they look old, they look good, but not as young and youthful as they maybe should at their age.

Maybe a dye job and a face peel would do the trick. After all, there's no need to be grey when you don't need to be. It's only hair, dead cells, just like your nails, so dye the damn thing and keep yourself looking younger for years to come.

Some people think their hair going grey is a sign of maturity. Sorry to disappoint ya there dickhead, but all it means is your hair is losing its melanin and looking remarkably shabby. So get to the chemist or supermarket and buy that bottle of hair dye and do it yourself for an average of $10 instead of the $100s that some salons charge. You'll look younger, feel younger, get compliments when you go out and it'll be a boost to your ego just like when you were in your 20s.

Not that all of this is a problem in the real world, although Hollyweird starlets are the worst at looking younger than they are. And I definitely approve of surgery and lifts, botox and collagen etc to make yourself look good, but at least look like the mother, and not the daughter.

Demi Moore, I'm talking to you. And look where it's now gotten her!

I'm a Gen-Xer, mid 30s, I don't yet have crows feet thanks to a decade and a half of wearing Cancer Council Sunglasses, and two years ago I got into better beauty products, sunscreen and makeup with SPF, so yeah, I am a tad vain about the way I'm looking. Unfortunately for me, I've been ageing since puberty at the age of 10! And yes, I know we all age from birth, and technically we all start dying from birth, (something to do with blood cells dying off etc), but there is no reason to not look your best as long as you don't over do it and end up like Jocelyn Wildenstein. And we all know who she is!

There was a little saying I once heard .....''you're only as young as the man you feel.''

Horny bloody bitches!!!!!

Stay young and youthful peeps, but for God's sake .... look your age!!!!!

a still reasonably youthful looking Jewels xxoo

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