Friday, February 24, 2012

This four year old girl was told she is obese by a doctor. What the fuck is the world coming to?

According to doctors, this four year old girl is obese at 21 kilos.

The doctors who did the check up of her height and weight, which were measured according to the BMI (body mass index), declared her to be obese. However, as we all know the BMI is a load of bullshit. There is a book that doctors do the test against, and apparently it hasn't been updated since the 50s when people lived shorter lives, babies were born smaller and we weren't the sizes we are today.

According to the book, she is obese for her size and weight.

What the fuck is wrong with the world when they declare a four year old girl obese when to the eye she clearly IS NOT!!!!!

Label fat kids obese, not perfectly healthy well sized four year olds.

Besides that, schools check the lunch boxes of kids these days and declare their lunches to be unhealthy just becasue the parent may have put a sweet in there.

Who the fuck are these people to dictate to parents? Teachers and schools can't even deal with bullies how and why the hell do they think they have the right to dictate and control kid's lunch boxes?


What is the world coming too?

Jewels xxoo

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