Monday, February 20, 2012

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, you complained about Lady Gaga sounding like you and now YOU'RE sounding like Avril Lavigne!

Madonna, you clearly feel like you've past your prime. You slag off Lady Gaga, a hot new YOUNG star on a very fast rise, and so what do you do, decide to become Avril Lavigne!

I heard this song in full on the radio for the first time the other day. And for the life of me thought it sounded exactly like Avril. A mix of her "GIRLFRIEND" and "WHAT THE HELL" songs. I trolled through Myspace and had a listen and there's definitely a similarity going on. Even the lyrics are a bit childish for a 53 year old has-been hag.

Madonna, let it go. You had your time and you are no longer relative to the times of today. You raised the bar and broke the mould in the 80s, 90s and naughties, but you've done EVERYTHING and there's nothing left for you to do.

You're past it. You're a has-been, you are NOT 25 even though you'd like to think you are and if someone punched you in the face your cheek injections would squirt out your nose.

Your jealousy of younger, better artists, ones named Gaga, is overwhelmingly obvious. The bitching, the sniping, the remarks. And claiming Gaga is no Britney, pft!, Britney is nowehere near being as good as Gaga. Britney may also be over the hill, after all, she's 30 now!!!!!

Madonna, move on and up, not back and down, because that's the only place your career can now go. You've done it all, there's nowhere to go but back to the hey days of your youth, when you were young, fresh, new, and well, young!

Move on Madonna, and get the fuck over yourself!

Jewels xxoo

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