Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wiggles are back together because they shafted Sam Moran!

Ten years ago The Wiggles looked like this.
Five years ago they looked like this.
Four days ago they looked like this.
Yes, that's right, they shafted Sam Moran.

We found out a lot about The Wiggles this week. They are run like a business and if you don't own a part of that business you get shafted.

Five years ago Greg Page LEFT the Wiggles due to serious health issues. He didn’t go on "medical leave", he LEFT and his understudy of four years, Sam Moran, stepped into the yellow skivvy.

Permanently we all thought.

Turns out, it wasn't permanent.

Last year there were rumours abound. Greg was broke, he'd lost the 50 million plus payout from when he left, he'd lost his money in some building business gone bad, his marriage broke up, he did TV shows about wanting to be a part of the Wiggles again. And last year they declined to take him back.

My, how times have changed.

Greg, Anthony and Jeff have been doing TV interviews this week, and boy have they been AWK.WARD!!!!!

On the Today show, when asked about Sam, Anthony replied, "Sam, What about Sam?"


The guy's been working with you for nine years and you say that. He later tried to justify that comment in another interview, that he just thought they were there to sing and was stumped by the question. He also said he needed to shut his mouth and say nothing. He then went on to say a lot. Clearly doesn't take his own advice. Mind you, in that particular interview last night on The Project, they roped Anthony's brother, Paul, who happens to be a business partner and Anthony's manager into the interview.

Bit late on that one.

Sam has now come out and released a letter to his fans.

Facebook pages for The Wiggles and the Today show have had thousands of replies on the stories.

The public seems split. The kids don't care but the adults are annoyed and ticked off or loving it.

Personally, since Anthony has admitted o not talking to or seeing Sam, that as a business, The Wiggles need a thorough going over. What a way to treat your "employees". When a business owner leaves and you replace them, make sure you've got a tight contract otherwise you'll get shafted when that owner wants to come back.

Greg has a big head. He LEFT because he couldn't stand up without being sick, now he wants back in. Quite frankly, I think ALL of The Wiggles need an overhaul, and are past their used by dates. They're old, annoying and clearly downright rude.

Thank God I'm not a Wiggles fan!

Jewels xxoo

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