Monday, January 30, 2012

What does it take to be successful? What does it take to be a celebrity? What does it take to have fame and be famous?

Not sure, but I’ve been thinking that it was only going to happen for me when I “became” Jewels Diva.

I’d been going over list after list of things I could do and buy and wear and try, and it all came down to the thought that I would not have fame and be famous until I “became” Jewels.

So what would that require?

Sunglasses? Check!

Hats? Check!

Jewellery? Check!

Clothes? Check!

Video backdrop and YouTube channel? Check!

Website with all my details? Check!

Books published? Check!

Appearance kit? Check!

So what did I need?


Which I now have! Long glorious candy apple red hair!

As for having fame and being famous, and being a celebrity, they’re two different things apparently.

Some people want to be a celebrity for the attention it will bring them. Especially if they’re not getting any and are starving for it.

I felt I was meant to have fame or celebrity status (to a degree). It’s a feeling, a knowing, that I’ll be famous for my books and opinions. Not necessarily for years, or fifteen minutes, but for long enough to take what I need, to get what I want and to make a life out of it.

According to Fame 101 by Jay and Maggie Jessup, fame and celebrity are different. Celebrity status wanes, fame is for a lifetime (my words). And after seeing them on the Australian show, The Morning Show, I got their book and went through it with a blue highlighter.
Fame is something you work for. You strive for. You achieve through making a detailed description of how you want your life to be and how you can make it happen. Follow their rules and it will happen.

Well I’ve done what I can. I just had to wait for my hair. Now I have it. I had to wait for my books to be published. And now they are.

So what else is there?

That one review, that one mention in a worldwide paper, or blog, or magazine or radio or TV show! Ellen, Oprah, are you reading this??????

Just one is all it takes.

Just one to make all of my dreams come true.

Almost all!

Unless it can give me a man, a family, a house where I want it, filled with what I want, doing what I want…etc,etc,etc……

Jewels xxoo


  1. Want to see a picture of the hair!

  2. Video instead -

  3. Awesome hair! I want to be famous someday. I guess being unique and checking out the latest on womens fashion online would be a first step towards that direction.

  4. Excellent brief and this article helped me alot. Say thank you I looking for your information Thanks


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