Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration boards. Do you have one?

Last year I got a corkboard and turned it into a memo/feng shui/inspiration board. I had pics of money all over it, pics of jewellery I was after, pics of inspirational people etc. I went over it and cleaned it out. I had a plan for it! So more than half of the stuff came off. And when I got new ink cartridges I printed a whole heap of stuff and rearranged the board. Feng shui style.
Money goodies top left corner, exercise middle left and knowledge bottom left. Pictures of money, a scratchie I bought, an exercise bike and pics of two books I’ve been reading, FAME 101 and the Idiot’s Guide to Branding Yourself, along with a pic I found on the internet with WHO ARE YOU? all over it. There’s also pics of an iPod (which I now have) iPad, iPhone, Nintendo (also have) and camcorder there, as you can not only learn on them but I’m after them to buy as well.

Top right is relationship but there’s no pics there as I put it in the bedroom instead. Middle right is creativity and children of which I put a magazine cover with me on the front on the board. Bottom right is inspirational people and travel. Pics of Ellen and Oprah with emmys, Jackie Collins, Lady GaGa and Blake Liveley, I love the clothes she gets, and places like London, New York and L.A.

Top middle is fame, middle is earth/you and bottom middle is career, so all pics referring to me and my writing/online career, my book covers, pics of the word fame, a pic of a red carpet and a gorgeous pic I found online. Print some pics out, do your own board and get some inspiration into your life. See how it works.

Jewels xxoo


  1. that's actually a really good idea to organize it feng shui style!

    I have one, it's just got pieces of paper with a title pinned on it, on the back i have what i want under the topics like love, career, heath etc.

  2. Al, put what you want on the front and use pics to show it. Use feng shui colours and put it in an area you will see everytime you wake up, walk past, etc.


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