Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'd like to have a quick convo on how y'all get your ideas for posts.

Sure, we can all use the current affairs going on in the world today, or last week, or next month, if you can see into the future, or there's the stuff that's happening to you in real life. That's always good to talk about. Past, present or future.

There's everyday tv shows and ads, magazine articles and stories, stuff you hear co-workers talking about, movies you want to see or have seen, places you've been, things you've done, people you've done and places you've done them in.

But what about imaginary conversations?

No, I'm not bonkers. In fact, that's how I managed to write about 10 blog posts, because I was on tv shows having convos with the hosts. All in my head of course.

It's amazing the things you think of having a convo with a celebrity.

It's no different to role playing, pretending to meet your fave celeb and what you'd say and talk about. Or if you imagine being on Oprah or Ellen one day and what you'd gush all over.

It's all the same!!!!!

So the next time you're stuck for a blog post, imagine yourself on a tv talk show, discussing your fave stuff, or guesting on your fave drama or comedy, and just open up your ears and see what magical words you end up with.

You never know, one day you may have a book published with your words in it!!!!

a very imaginative Jewels xxoo

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  1. good information ... I have read and will be added to my personal knowledge... thanks


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