Monday, January 23, 2012

Editing of my new book is way ahead of schedule. How exciting!

Well last week I mentioned I was editing my very first book for publishing next. It went quite well. I allocated two months to edit and get ready for an assessment before a final edit and publishing, yet I think I may be ahead of time.

Last Monday and Tuesday afternoons, I did the first stage of the editing. What Smashwords calls its "nuclear method". Pasting and copying the whole ms into notepad to eliminate all issues with the previous programs I wrote it in, then copy/paste into a new word doc, and then I cleaned it up for editing. It took hours each day, and I'd had enough of it.

But yesterday I went through the whole thing, which took all day, and cleaned it up some more. It quite surprised me how little editing I did, as I have given it major overhauls off and on over the years.

So I'll leave it until next Sunday and do another edit, see if I can add or delete anything. Either way, I think this book will be a month ahead of schedule at this point.

How very exciting!

Jewels xxoo

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