Friday, January 27, 2012

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott attacked on Australia Day by Aboriginals.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and while our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and our Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, were in a Canberra restaurant for a ceremony for national emergency medal winners, Aboriginal protestors crowded around outside the restaurant and started banging on the glass windows. Security were quick to act and bundled both Gillard and Abbott out to a waiting car.

Julia's bodyguard has received just as much attention as everyone else.
In fact, it the above scene has now been compared to a movie....
The protest all started over Tony Abbott saying maybe it was time for the Tent Embassy outside of Parliament House to go.

The Tent Embassy was started 40 years ago by Aboriginals protesting some shit back then, and unfortunately it has been allowed to stay. They pitched tents, burned fires, lived and breathed the air outside of Parliament. They claim, as Aboriginals, the land is theirs.

Thanks to some dumb arse politician years ago, the Aboriginals have been allowed to claim land as their own, while us poor white people need to buy it from the government.

The Aboriginals think because they were here before white people that they OWN Australia and it is theirs. Never mind the fact that this country, this planet belongs to none of us.

I just really wish politicians would stop giving in to minorities, which Aboriginals are. They don't own ANYTHING, and don't get off their fat black arses to work for anything like the rest of us. They claim welfare, live out in the bush and get pissed on alcohol every welfare day. They suck off the tax payers like all the rest and don't do a damn thing to help themselves.

So why should WE help them?

This country DOES NOT belong to them, and Tony is right. Tent Embassy SHOULD go and they should be banned from camping anywhere, just like the white people booted out of parks and gardens. Just because they're Aboriginal doesn't mean they are entitled to anything.

Jewels xxoo

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