Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you believe psychics have the power? The one I contacted didn't!

A few years ago I sent off a letter to a well known Aussie psychic and received a video reply a few months later, two days before my birthday. I recorded it onto a cd to listen to any time I wanted and the first few times I cried. She came so close to so many things I had asked about and she ended up being about 85% right.

"Only 85%?" you ask.

Well, at the time alot of things had not yet happened, so she came close to many things about my life at the time.

The 15% she got wrong was when she claimed she knew what I was saying or thinking and she ended up calling me by another name.



But I considered the fact that maybe she was seeing me in a past life, as the name she called me was also the name one of the high school teachers called me in year 9 when she was filling in for my actual teacher. So THAT was all rather weird. They have been the only two people who called me by that name.

So she was 85% right about the current issues. THEN.

What she was very wrong about was what she told me about the future. I'd meet a man and have a baby at certain ages. Hasn't happened yet! She said I was anorexic and needed nourishment. Was NOT anorexic, so unless she meant emotional nourishment? 2010 was the year for my book. Didn't happen then! And a few other things I won't mention.

So she was spot on about the current but NOT spot on about the future, which was a REAL disappointment. I wrote as much down as possible and have gone over the list so many times. So much has not happened at all since the letter, and it's a bugger that they haven't.

So much for being a popular well known psychic!!!!!

While she got so much wrong about me, so many other things have happened that she didn't mention, and I'm learning that everything happens in its own time and not when you want it to.

Have you guys been to a psychic? Have you sent a letter or video to a psychic? Did what they say come true? Was it a load of bullshit?

She certainly didn't come up with what 2011 was going to hold for me. It has been a very busy and hectic year.

- I've published my books on my own after having to turn down an Aussie publisher who wanted to take another two years to get me in print. Going through the emotional and physical turmoil and stress and strain. Doing my ebooks and print books all by myself. The covers, the insides, the specific formatting and all the issues that came with it. Plus all the print proofs to make corrections that took forever coming from America.

- Joining websites and bookmarking sites all in the name of spreading my brand. Setting up profile pages and getting my books across so many websites for ebook and print selling.

- Sending out a press release for my books and changing my website to be more author friendly.

- Doing vlogs every week and all the editing that came with it.

- Creating my image and putting it out there.


- Getting copies of my book to send to some of the Aussie celebrities who are named in it, and with the year not over yet peeps, I've still got to get the boxes and the press kits printed to send as well. And I STILL need to get the addresses to send them too!

This year has been hectic, as I said, and I have a feeling that next year will be even more hectic.

Hope your 2011 has been good, hope your 2012 is just as good.

Until next year peeps,

Jewels xxoo

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