Monday, December 5, 2011

According to Mia Freedman marriage is a civil institution. What a big load of bullshit!

This morning on the Today show, Mia Freedman was on discussing the hot topics of the day.
One of the topics was about gay people getting married and Julia Gillard not voting for it, blah, blah, blah, anyhoo, she stated something that she also tweeted Julia Gillard about - "And also ? Marriage isn't a political or religious institution. It's a civil one. That all Aussies can't acces it is a disgrace".

Marriage never started as a political, religious or even civil institution. It was simply a union between man and woman. The bible claims God invented marriage, but he only supposedly came up with the whole union between man and woman thing. I don't believe it, but then I believe the bible is a big load of bullshit. It was later that churches and governments started passing laws, that's right, LAWS, to dictate who married and who didn't. While not necessarily fully factual, the wikipedia page on marriage is quite interesting.

So what it comes down to is that marriage WAS NEVER about politics, religion or being an institution. You may end up in an institution if you get married but the point is, marriage is a man made law that should be abolished so everyone is back to being free to live how they want.

The law of marriage isn't necessary. When you get married you marry the government NOT your partner. You need THEIR permission to get married and you have to abide by THEIR rules and laws and you get tax benefits and other things for it. And THEN you need THEIR permission to get divorced and leave your partner.

So what's the point of marriage?

There is none!

If you love someone then be with them. Stop expecting the "committment" of a ring and a piece of paper to say you are bound to them. Have your ceremony and declare your love and dedication and get over the whole "I need to get married and have a marriage certificate".

What bullshit!

Jewels xxoo

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