Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would your social media "friends and followers" care if you died?

Well, would they?

I suppose some would, and they start FB pages dedicated to you and your death, and so I guess some people would have followers and friends who do care. But apparently not me!

As talked about in my current vlog (two posts below this one) I talked about the experiment I did with my book, LIFE AND DEATH ADVENTURES IN LONDON, and it turns out, no one gave a crap.

You can have has many fans, friends and followers as you like, but we all know they don't give a crap about you.

Some people do have caring followers who will post on your blog, FB page, Twitter etc but overall, most people don't have anyone.

It seems you have to post about killing yourself to get a response, but then my experiment did that and it didn't work. So I guess the overall scheme of things is that not everyone has caring followers.

When I started this blog on Jan 1st 2009 it was to bitch about all things that annoyed me. It took three months to get one follower, and by the end of 2009, I had 24. About half left the occasional reply, we had good discussions going and by the end of 2010 I had over 40 followers.

But then life gets in the way and several followers have started blogs and closed blogs, have gone on to other things and places, have decided blogging was no longer the outlet they needed.

I get that. There are times I don't feel like blogging because I've run out of things to blog about. I take breaks, but always find something in those breaks and when I get back to it again, there's nothing to blog about.

But my gripe is NO ONE replied to any of my "experiment" posts (except for one and she's not a regular replier), but the supposed "friends and followers" I thought were regular suddenly disappeared. And I suddenly felt very alone.

But that's my problem right?

Some people start a blog to be famous, thinking they'll strike it rich. Some start as an outlet to do something, others start to find people of a similar thinking to relate to because their home life is not fantastic and they need support as they cannot get it at home.

But when that support is pretty much nonexistant, it hurts.

Not that I was in a massive amount of pain from having no replies from my followers, but the few who were supportive for so long did nothing. And that was disappointing.

We all know from countless tv show stories that the people who follow us on FB, blogs, Twitter, MySpace etc aren't really our "friends", but you expect some support. You expect some replies. You expect the same dedication out of them that you show to them.

Or am I being waaaayyyyy too emotonal about all of this?

When I started my blog it was to find a place to bitch about all things annoying, two years later I blog to bitch but also because I have two books to publicise and would like my books to become famous, along with my blog and myself.

Are my followers going to help with that? No, unless they buy my books and pass it on to someone famous who loves it, or a book reviewer they know who gives it two thumbs up. But none of my followers have bought my books!

I'm not bagging out my followers, the few who remain are quite nice, I'm just feeling at the end of my tether.

What do I do? Where do I go? Do I continue with this and trying to publicise my books or just give up? But then I think giving up would be worse and be the lazy way out of it.

I'll be posting for another week and a half and then taking a four week break from blogging and vlogging. Deciding whether it's all worth it to continue. It probably will be. Maybe I just need a break to regenerise and reorganise my life and where I go from here.

Do I continue what I do? Do I change tact and go another way? Who knows. I don't!

Jewels xxoo

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