Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Adventures in Merry Old England: November 19th, 2011

Yes peeps, as you can see by the photo of my hideously deformed self, I am still alive and this is how bad I look. Don’t believe any of the stories out there. There are only two people you can believe when it comes to me. That’s my publisher and myself. If anyone else dares post or talk about me and what they know, punch them in the head for me.

Now, I’ve been told I can’t fly home for awhile so I’ll be stuck here in dreary old England recuperating. Well, more like hiding out since I’m uglier than Frankenstein’s monster at the moment. But I will try to post occasionally, letting you know what I’m doing. Right now I’m typing this and I’m tired and my head is killing me and clearly I’m going to need something to keep me busy. Who knows, maybe I’ll write another book. But if typing this is making me tired, then God knows what a book will do to me. Can’t do that no more peeps, so I’m signing off.

See you all later.

Jewels xxoo

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