Monday, October 24, 2011

Meat Loaf declares critics of his football performance as butt smellers!

Listen you old fart, if there's one thing you need to learn, it's that you're a has-been and you suck! S.U.C.K SUCK!!!!!
In an interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, the ARSEHOLE vowed to convince other artists not to perform at Australia's football grand final. His performance was described as the worst in AFL entertainment.
He blamed the AFL for not providing a live piano or offering enough time for a sound check. Parts of his performance were out of time and flat because he was singing to a tape and could not hear the music in his earpiece. "I'm sorry, they're jerks. I do not like them," he said of the AFL. "And I'll tell you what, anybody that I hear announces that they're going to play for them I'm going to write that particular artist a letter and tell them not to. And I hope the AFL hears this and I want this everywhere. Because I will go out of my way to tell any artist do not play for them."
Again, you're an arsehole for thinking we ACTUALLY gave a shit about you OR your performance. What we DO know, and what we DID see, was that you SUCKED big time and it was ALL YOUR FAULT.
Listen SHIT LOAF, we don't care if you ever come back. We don't care if you ever perform here in Australia EVER again. We don't care what you think because you are clearly delusional, self-absorbed, self-occupied, head up your own arse, shit in your ear nutsoid and we don't want you here EVER again.
Shit Loaf, you are the weakest link, Goodbye!
Jewels xxoo

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