Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Australia's "The Apprentice" fires it's first celebrity. Wanker Warrick Capper!!

"Australia's cast for celebrity The Apprentice"

So our celebrity version of The Apprentice started on Monday night, and last night the first to be eliminated was wanker, Warrick Capper.
"Wanker, Warrick Capper"

He's an 80s footballer known for his short tight shorts and long blond mullet but that's all. He did some things in the 90s and naughties and the last decade or so you've really gotten to see what a has-been wanker he is.

He still thinks he's famous and popular and well liked and everyone loves him and wants him. He prances around in gold shorts and takes his clothes off at the drop of a hat. Even though NO ONE want him to.

He claimed on a tv show this morning he had worked hard for 30 years and will keep working hard.

On what? On being a wanker? Well if that's the case congratulations, Warrick Capper, for being the wanker of the week, if not year!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Does he really have a mullet?

    Also, you'd be happy to know his fame hasn't made it to the U.S.

  2. Oh thank God for that!!!!

    He used to have one in the 80s. Goggle him and you'll see it.


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