Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox is not only set free, now she's shopping for a book deal.

This shits me.

She's barely out of jail and apparently she wants to write a book, and apparently she could make millions out of it.

This shits me because this is EXACTLY the sort of author traditional publishing houses are after. I've written about this before. Publishers either keep going with authors who have proven they can make money, or they want "reality" books, which consist of celebrity, cooking, weight, health, money etc, but also, real/true life stories.

Oh yes, Amanda's story will be right up their alley because they're not interested in little unknown authors anymore. They have to save their money to give it to celebrities or big name authors or little people like Amanda Knox who's been in jail for 4 years.

Fucking hell!

No wonder so many go the self-published route. At least we retain control!

Jewels xxoo

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