Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My CreateSpace book proofs are here and in need of help!

So I finally got my book proofs and here they are. They are in need of help, as there are a few formatting and spelling errors which I finally managed to fix, family lobbed in and I'm three days behind, but I thought I'd show you.

Does it matter that the guards foot and the bus have been cut off? Simple grey spine.

Front page.

Cyn-b-demented got herself in her, Harrie too.

Lotto's cover needs work.

The back was fine until I noticed a mistake. Bummer!

Plain blue spine.

Title page.

Dedications page. Of course it was dedicated to my gorgeously gorgeous ex Michael Weatherly.

Cyn got into my book as well.

So now I need to load up new versions to Smashwords as well as I found spelling mistakes and added a few things I left out last time.

Oi, what a time consuming hassle!

Jewels xxoo

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