Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon's CreateSpace is testing my patience!!!!!

So after ordering my THIRD proof on the 7th of Sep they arrived on the 26th as I tweeted about. I checked over the cover which I had had professionally put together as my versions were just not working, and had very quickly been approved with no problem by CS.

So I just needed to fix some text which I did and re-uploaded the inside pdf Wednesday night. I was hoping for a quick turn around so I could put them up for sale, BUT NOOOOOOO, this morning I received an alert which told me the inside pdf was okay but the cover had issues and they would have to change them and I would have to order ANOTHER proof.


This is beyond ridiculous.

I emailed them and reminded them I had uploaded the cover with NO PROBLEMS from their end and ordered a proof on the 7th of Sep and it printed fine. I only changed the inside pdf NOT the cover and to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

Bloody hell, talk about things not going to schedule. I checked back on my blog posts to see when I had blogged about doing to whole self-pub thing and it was April 4th. So it looks like my books won't make an Oct 1st debut, I have a feeling it will be six months exactly when they are.

God, what a lesson!

Jewels xxoo

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