Friday, August 12, 2011

New development in Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax. Vlog update.

Last Saturday I did a vlog about this case. An 18 year old Sydney schoolgirl was home alone when someone broke in and strapped a "bomb" around her neck. For ten hours cops kept her calm while they tried to get the bomb off without blowing anyone up. The "bomb" also was a fake.

The extortion note featured right out of an old novel called Tai-Pan, and here's update 1 - the book happens to be on the curriculum at the boys school her two brothers go to. And her father went to.

Suspicious much?

And here's update 2 - Detectives spoke to a man they believe to be responsible for strapping the fake collar-bomb to her neck. Police identified the man from information gathered from Madeleine and her family in the days after the August 3 ordeal. The suspect has been spoken to by detectives but not yet formally interviewed. Supposedly Madeleine described her attacker as having "old, wrinkly eyes" peering through the balaclava he was wearing to disguise himself during the attack.

Now several things annoy me about this.

1 - At first she claimed to have not seen him as he grabbed her from behind. But now she saw his eyes.

2 - The family wasn't home so how could they have given any information.

3 - "old crinkly eyes" actually doesn't mean the guy who broke in was old.

A person was spotted jumping into a waiting car down the street. Old men don't jump into cars.

So let's see. First she didn't see, then she did. The family wasn't home but know details. The extortion letter featured from a book on the curriculum at her brother's and father's school. Suddenly there's a suspect who's being spoken to.

And on top of that the girl was ever so calm during the whole experience, and her family clearly didn't think the threat was serious enough to keep her home as she went about her life like nothing had happened.


If my home had been broken into and my daughter had a bomb strapped to her neck there is no way I'd be letting her go about her life like nothing had happened.


Jewels xxoo


  1. i hope you feel like an utter moron now. stupid uneducated idiot. if you dont know what you are talking about - STFU

  2. Who's the moron, you're over a year late on your comment, get real!


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