Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Favourite Things: My very own personalised stationery set!

Hey peeps, well yesterday I gots me a surprise! A friend of mine decided to make me some stationery because I'd been talking about it lately. Wondering if I should get some business cards made, where could I get a mouspad etc. Well it turns out she got them done at Vistaprint on special, so I'll be going there in future for other things. Unfortunately no bookmarks though!

So here's the whole set!

500 business cards with all my deets! 140 name labels.
Mousepad, with moi on it!
Notepaper, so the pic is faded on purpose.
And my own personalised pen!


  1. omg! what a sweet surprise! A whole stationary set and it is personalized too! ugh, i'm so jealous! that is soooooooooo nice!

  2. Ah! The things I do! First jewellery, now stationery.

  3. Mel, it was done at Vistaprint so head on over and see what specials they're having.


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