Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London's Burning. I know it was a tv show but now it's real life.

Here in Aus we are getting updates every few hours about the London fires.

All it proves is there are way too many animals in the world who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Thugs, arseholes, morons, bastards, animals, whatever you want to call them it doesn't do justice to what they're doing.

I know it all started from someone being shot, but to escalate that and make it about unemployment, taxes, having no money or a job etc, is just fucking pathetic.

Who is it?

Gen Ys, unemployed, foreigners, refugees, who really knows, you can't use your background or having no job, or being from a single parent home is no fucking excuse.

And I realise that the looters may just be taking advantage of the rioters destruction, but then they may also be getting in on it themselves.

Taser the bastards, stun gun them, pepper spray them, tranquilser them, I don't fucking care how old, what sex, what race or religion these people are, beat the fucking crap out of them, throw them in jail and don't let them out except to rebuild what they have broken. Teach them a fucking lesson they will never forget.

Jewels xxoo

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