Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Husband throws out $50,000 worth of wife's jewellery. What a dick!

Yesterday the story broke about Geoffrey of Caloundra, Queensland, who had split up his and his wife's uninsured gold collection of charm bracelets, bangles and pure gold bars into three garbage bags to try to fool potential robbers as his truck's gps and his keys had been stolen and he was worried about thieves.

But in a mix-up during a house clean-up, the bags - which also contained family heirlooms - went straight to the wheelie bin and then to the garbage tip.

How would you like a husband like that? But what gets me is that the wife went along with it and allowed him to put it all into garbage bags in the first place. And the gold should have been insured. Get a safe for God's sake, not a fucking garbage bag.

Anyway, the the local council has said no to him going to the tip and scouring through it to look for the gold. The council are worried about Geoffrey hurting himself.

Quite frankly, I think someone at the tip has probably gone looking themselves. The tip receives approximately 1400 tonnes of waste per week - the equivalent of over half the volume of water in an Olympic swimming pool. But that's not to say someone hasn't had a look around with a metal detector.

What a dick!

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