Monday, August 22, 2011

Book proofs not here yet so I'm quite annoyed! But it's okay coz I'm drooling over the hot hunky man meat on Underbelly Razor!

Still awaiting my proofs from CreateSpace. I'm annoyed that it's taking so long, I think it's about three weeks now, as most other things I buy from America comes within two weeks. But I guess my patience is being tested, and so I must wait for things to happen in their own time which never sits well with me as I want everything I want when I want it, lol. Will post pics when I get them, if they're good enough, and let you all know when they're available for sale!

Meanwhile, I'll get over it by drooling over the hot hunky man meat on last night's Underbelly Razor (google it)......mmmmmm......naked man meat........

Jewels xxoo

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