Monday, August 15, 2011

Australian Comedian Magda Szubanski is dumped by Jenny Craig. Considering she's still fat after two years, I can see why.

Here in Aus Magda has been known for decades, appearing on comedy shows like Fast Forward and most recently, Kath and Kim, as Sharon. The pic below is Magda in character as Sharon, standing next to Aussie singer, Danni Minogue.
Two years ago Magda was paid by Jenny Craig to lose weight. She had already lost 10 kilos on her own and went on to lose another 25 with Jenny. The pic below is her at her "supposed" skinny weight of "85" kilos (185 pounds).

Two years on, and after being constantly told by Jenny and Magda that she was STILL 85 kilos, we saw these pics of Magda swimming over summer. 85 kilos my fucking arse.
This was Magda in the last few weeks. Gained weight much?
What I'm fucking sick and tired of has been all the bullshit the last two years. Sure, she had lost weight two years ago and looked a lot trimmer than she had, but 85 kilos was not what she was. She claimed to have fitted into size 14 jeans. Yet two years ago I weighed less than her and had tried to fit into 14 jeans about three weeks before hand and couldn't.

For the last two years she has constantly told us she was 85 kilos, mainting her weight, working out with a trainer, (why the fuck didn't she tell Magda to lose more), and was a size 14-16.

Early this year she claimed to still be 85 kilos but was a 16-18. Now when your size goes up, you can bet on having gained weight.

Now she's been dumped as the spokesperson for Jenny, although it could have been the end of her contract. I can see why with the above shot. She's gotten fatter then she was and she can no longer deny she's not 85 kilos anymore.

What a fucking crock of shit. To have lied to the public for so long with all of the media blathering on about how slim and trim she was and maintaining her weight. She was ALWAYS fat. 85 kilos is 13 stone, who the hell wants to be 13 stone (185 pounds). And being short just made her look fatter. But when the obvious is so fucking obvious, don't tell us it's not. Magda may have lost 35 kilos two years ago, but she was still clearly fat and overweight and she has clearly gained it since. The media need to stop fucking lying to us, and pull their fucking heads out and start speaking the truth. Magda may have been slimmer two years ago, but she sure as hell ain't now.

Jewels xxoo


  1. You are a bitch who judges and doesn't understand what it is like to be fat and how difficult it to lose and keep off. What Magdas weight is , is none of our business.

    Admire Magda for her talent and her intellect. More than I can say about you. Get a life and find your own talent. Do some good like Magda.

  2. Oh dear, another one of "those" people has commented on a year old post as "anonymous" because they are too gutless to post as themselves.

    I really don't give a shit if you think I'm a bitch.

    You're assuming I don't know what it's like to have a weight problem. And you know what they say about assuming, right? It makes an arse out of the person doing the assuming.

    Human beings judge every single day of their lives. How do you think we form opinions, decided between products, and make decisions about the things we do.


    I used to like Magda in her Dogwoman days, but when you take money for losing weight and then gain it all back on contract I have no sympathy. And when she is the one accepting money to lose weight and the main part of that contract is to tell the world what her weight is, then YES IT IS OUR BUSINESS.

    And then you have to insult me about my intellect and tell me to get a life and find my talent simply because you're dumb enough to not accept the fact people have a difference of opinion from you and are quite entitled to it, and YOU are not entitled to bag me for it on my BLOG!

    I may be a bitch, but you, you hypocritical cow are one too simply for the fact you accuse me of what you have done yourself!

    Fucking hypocrite!

  3. You really don't like yourself very much, do you? Get some help, deep down there is a nice person trying to get out

    1. Seriously!

      Again with commenting on two year old posts and as anonymous.

      Gutless fucking coward!

      I'm clearly not the one who doesn't like themselves you can't even post as yourself.

  4. And you're really a defective/spy in a red trench coat
    You are a very needy person, because you responded to my comment so quickly, which means you thrive on artificial attention, interesting, very interesting, I shall use this example on my thesis on human behaviour on blogs and the internet

    1. Of course I responded dickwad, I'm online every day, when I see a comment I reply. Clearly you have no idea about what bloggers are supposed to do because replying to comments is just one of many things that we have to do.

      Fucking hell, you have no idea.


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