Friday, June 24, 2011

Tv show themes. Have you heard them anywhere else that was just plain weird?

Lately, I've been noticing something strange.

Ads with music I've heard before.

Not just ordinary made for the ad music. Not someone's song that was used as the background music. But iconic pieces of music that shoud NEVER be used for such atrocities as ads.


A couple of months ago I saw a hair ad with the theme music of Magnum pi. And now, there's a beer ad with Knight Rider's theme.

I. KNOW!!!!!!!

Quite frankly, I'd rather be sitting down to watch the hairy goodness of Tom Selleck, and the pretty looking "before I became a freak" David Hasslehoff instead. These are iconic pieces of music that one instantly recognises and remembers the shows. They should never be used in ads, especially hair and beer ads.

What will they be using next?

MacGuyver? Bwitched? I Dream of Genie? The Cosby Show, Benson, Family Ties, Growing Pains?

Who knows, but unless the composer of the music is desperate for money and is selling it for ads then who knows what theme we'll be getting next?

Personally, I think it's an atrocity, a shame, disgusting.

I think it should be banned and the music should be owned by the creator of the shows since the shows are iconic as well. I don't care to hear the music on anything other than the shows when I watch them on tv!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I know what you mean.. I haven't noticed so much with commercials, however this week the trailer for ncis plays the pretty little liars song! it's it just odd

  2. I haven't stumble upon any of those ads YET *counting lucky stars* It is absolutely mediocre of any marketing team/strategy and company to use such things... Popular songs I can understand and it's great for the artist, gives a wider range of audience and whatnot but where's the innovation? the creativity? of using old tv themes songs? Ok, ok, I'm done whining like an arsty-farsty person now haha

  3. I luv me Magnum and just cannot stand hearing that music anywhere OTHER than the show.


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