Friday, June 3, 2011

Ben Shapiro: Sesame Street is evil. All because I have a lame arse book to promote!

Ben Shapiro, who wrote a lame arse book called Primetime Propaganda, is claiming Sesame Street has to do with the liberal bias in the Hollywood industry. He spoke to the biggest creators in tv over the last 50 years and had them admit to him on tape that yes, they bias their programs in a liberal direction. Yes, they definitely discriminate against conservatism in Hollywood.

He also spoke to someone who was originally at Children's Television Workshop and that he claimed the whole point of Sesame Street was to cater to black and hispanic youths who "did not have reading literature in their house". So there's this soft bigotry of expectations that's automatically associated with Sesame Street.

Although this conversation at Fox News quickly went down the path of morals and political bullshit.

Sesame Street in itsef is not to blame for anything other than addicting our children to puppets called Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Bert and Ernie. Of which I do own three of the afore mentioned, but seriously, how did this guy ever get a book deal?

Blaming a show is nothing new. But blame the lame arse people behind them. Puppets are not the issue, the lame arse political agenda is.

I'm so fucking sick and tired of people blaming everything but themselves. I'm so fucking sick and tired of politics and the church getting in on it and everything else they think they have the right to get in on.

The church and the government need to piss the fuck off and leave the Street alone.

Sesame Street is not evil. Sesame Street is not to blame. Sesame Street is the bomb!

I can't belive I just said that....


Jewels xxoo

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