Friday, May 6, 2011

To A Current Affair: How about doing a story on the thieving by the volunteers at the Salvo stores instead.

Last night on A Current Affair there was a story, AGAIN, about people who take from the pile of stuff outside of Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Stores have video surveillance of people loading up BMWs and Range Rovers with bags of stuff and bits of furniture that other people have left for the store to be passed on to the needy.
A Current Affair forgot to mention that volunteers at these stores take what they want themselves.
And while the show may have done a story or two on that and I do remember it, I know for a fact that goods delivered aren’t always put on shelves.
I’ve donated plenty of stuff over the years. One time, I handed over three big boxes of clothes, shoes, bags, and bit and pieces. The next week I went back, as I love shopping in op shops, and could only find a FEW pieces I had donated the week before.
There is no point the op shops bitching and whinging about people taking the things that are left on the footpath or outside of the shops and then taking things themselves.They’re all stealing the goods in some way shape or form so why bitch about something being taken that’s on the footpath?
And then it comes down to law. Does an article that has been dumped on a footpath or roadside qualify as anyone’s in particular?
Does it belong to the person who dumped it? The person who takes it? Or the person who runs the shop it was dumped outside of?
Who knows, but the hypocrisy is pathetic and it needs to stop. The law needs to be clearly acknowledged and the store needs to stop stealing as well.
Thieving little bastards!
Jewels xxoo

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  1. Your post reminds of something that happened during the Holidays in Alberta. Some guys stole a charity store. The irony is that you only had to pay $2 to enter the store and then everything inside was free to take. LOL~

    And I'm with you : the law needs to be acknowledge!!!


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