Friday, May 20, 2011

Ah, Gen Y girls who think the be all and end all of life is trapping an unwilling man into marriage.

Gen Y and Gen X girls are divided into two groups essentially.

Those who want a life, job, career, travel, a house etc, and those who just want to get married and have kids.

But there’s a problem with that.

I assume that there will always be females in their twenties, regardless of what generation they belong to, who only want to get married and have kids.

This generation is Gen Y.

And it’s pissing annoying.


They’re ungrateful little twats that’s why!

I cannot stand 20 something girls who whinge and whine about either finding a man to marry or that the man they are with doesn’t want to get married.


Your twenties are a decade to learn about yourself. Not tie yourself down with a house and kids. And seriously, most men in their twenties don’t want to get married.


Because they want to live life and have relationships!

Just because a guy is with you, doesn’t mean you are the one he wants to marry. He may just want to have several relationships in his life with a variety of women to see what sort HE wants to settle down with.

Seriously girls, and I call you that because you act like children, grow a fucking brain and grow up. Why the fuck do you want to throw your life away in your twenties? Why don’t you want to date several guys yourself and see how many sorts there are out there. Just because a guy seems perfect doesn’t mean he’s the one you should, could, would marry.

Stop being control freak bitches all the fucking time. Stop trying to tell men that it’s your way or the highway. Stop trying to tell men when they should get married and how it should be to you. Because let me tell ya children, he will run a mile.

I’m so sick of whining girls all the fucking time whinging about how their guy hasn’t popped the question. Let me tell you bitches, YOU may not be the one HE wants. That’s probably why he hasn’t popped the question.

He’s not sure if the woman he wants to marry is a whiny twenty something who doesn’t want to have a life just wants kids.

Well you know what bitches, go and get yourself knocked up to some random guy if you want kids that desperately.

Stop trying to control and dictate to the men in your life because one day they will say ENOUGH!

And let me tell you this you ungrateful little bitches. This is 2011, marriage is only a law. The law does not dictate that you have to be faithful or loving to your partner. Marriage is a marriage of convenience for the government. You are essentially marrying the government so why the hell would you want to do that?

Be grateful that you even HAVE a man. That he loves you, and wants to be with you, to live a life or have kids or buy a house with you. Because that is WAY much more than a paper commitment. That is a man committing himself to you without the dumb arse legalities that come with it.

Marriage is not the be all and end all bitches. So pull your fucking heads out of your arses and grow a brain.

Be grateful you have a man who is amazing, if you’ve got one, and grow the fuck up. Because you could be a lonely, old spinster who’s all alone because YOU weren’t grateful for the man you had, if he’s such a catch then why the hell are you so keen to get rid of him with your bullshit talk of a dumb arse law that is marriage.


Jewels xxoo

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