Monday, April 18, 2011

Disabled car parks. They aren't just for people in wheelchairs.

You all would have seen these signs in some form or another somewhere along your journeys and we all know they are meant for parking spaces designated for disabled people.

In Aus, at most shopping centres, there are spaces reserved, the problem is, there are not enough spaces reserved. There are many people in this country who are disabled and need the extra space to get in and out of a car or van. At my local centre there are very few. Three or four outside of every entrance. There are more pram parks than disabled.

But there's something I aways remember when I see the sign. A long time ago my mother had knee surgery. She applied and got a temporary disabled parking permit and one day we were parked outside of a store in a small main street and were loading our shopping into the boot of our car. A guy stopped dead behind us and yelled through his window, "you can't park there." I turned and said, "we have a permit." He said, "what permit?" He then drove on yelling something...

It made me realise what morons there are out there who don't know about permits and disabled parking. Other people think you have to actually be in a wheelchair to park in the spaces. Others think you need to be physically disabled.

At the time that my mother had her surgery, back in the late 90s, there were adds on tv telling people to look at the permit not the person. Just because you don't look like you're disabled, doesn't mean you aren't. You're entitled to a permit if you have diabetes, epilepsy, mental issues, physical issues where you don't look disabled.

People just don't get it. Shopping centres just don't get it. There needs to be MORE disable parking spaces for people as there are millions of people on disability pensions who have to suffer getting in and out of a normal park, which are so narrow, because the disabled parks are taken.

Although I think the problem also is that you have to pay for a disability parking permit and it was $16 way back when. I don't know what it is now but what a fucking waste of money. To pay to park in a park that's technically free.

So to all the morons who have a go at people who park in disabled parking spaces, go for it if there's no permit. If there is, leave the person the fuck alone.

Jewels xxoo


  1. AMEN!!!

    Over here, we started having parking spaces for pregnant women and families. Do you have those too?

  2. Not for pregnant women, and normal parks are for families, like the rest of us. But at each shopping centre you can apply for a pram park so you have the room to get your pram and kid out.

  3. I agree, there should be more spots.

    In Wal-Mart, people just make their own spots up front I've noticed.

  4. There really should be more parking spots. Sadly, I think we have the same situation here too. =(

  5. Did you also know that if a disabled toilet is not being used, an able-bodied person can use it? So next time you see a 50-woman queue for the toilets, use the disabled toilet and wait for people to have a go at you about it and then say "Sounds like you don't know the rules, good luck holding that bladder" and walk away!



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