Friday, April 8, 2011

Blake Rice, survivor of Queensland's floods, bullied by youths and has his collarbone broken.

This story has come to light -

Blake Rice, 10, survivor of the Queensland flood, has been bullied by a group of teenagers who used sticks to assault him, breaking his collarbone. He survived a wall of water which killed his mum and brother has now been the target of "callous" bullying.

A family friend, Debbie Anderson, told the paper that certain members of the community had "laughed in our face about Jordan's death".

The attacks are believed to be about the ongoing media attention Blake has received for surviving the January 10 flash flood after his brother Jordan, 13, who was afraid of water, selflessly insisted a rescuer take his brother first. As Blake was plucked to safety, Jordan died alongside his mother Donna Rice, 43, as their car was swept away.

Blake has met Prime Minister Julia Gillard during her tour of flood-affected Queensland and he has also met Prince William during his tour last month. Premier Anna Bligh says she is disgusted by the callous attack on Blake. "This attack is the very worst in behaviour," Ms Bligh was quoted in the paper as saying. She said Blake has been through too much already. "By all reports this was a cowardly assault by a group ganging up on a smaller boy," she said. "What makes it worse is that Blake was attacked at this low point in his life simply because he has attracted media attention. "That is incredibly callous, cruel and senseless."The Rice family is planning to leave Toowoomba, the paper says.


I CANNOT BELIEVE that there are little mongrels out there who would do this. Sure, there are bullies, as with the story last month of Casey who bitch slammed his bully into the ground after being punched in the face twice. But to bully a 10 year old who lost both his mother and brother in the recent floods is disgusting beyond belief.

You don't bully anyone, let alone because he lost his family.

What the fuck is in the heads of the teenagers who bullied him? Clearly nothing but if they weren't expecting their own 10 minutes of fame they've certainly got it now.

To all the little fuckers parents...I hope you suffer and get such bad publicity that you hang your heads in shame.

I want these people to be publicly hung and quartered and named and shamed and their children to get the publicity they deserve.

I want every paper, tv show and website to blast the absolute shit out of these thugs. After the whole bullying of Casey last month you'd think someone might have learned.

Clearly these little arseholes haven't.

Jewels xxoo

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