Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Australian X Factor winner, Altiyan Childs broke and as stupid as ever, wanting to marry a 19 year old girl.

Altiyan fuckwit Childs

X Factor winner and now deviant paedophile supposedly. The dumb arse bastard Australia voted for is apparently broke and has a 19 year old girlfriend who looks like she’s 12.

She also looks very uncomfortable with him touching her. She cannot string a sentence together, but then what do you expect of a 19 year old dating a moronic 35 year old with serious mental issues.

Altiyan acts, speaks and carries on like a moron. During the show he ran away and hid in a cave making Ronan Keating freak out. He forgot words, chose to be stupid and for some God known reason people voted for him.

Now, his manager has spent all his money while claiming he gave it to Altiyan. His manager also ran away from the police during a midnight raid in his underwear.

Altiyan lived with his manager for months before leaving last week right before the raid. He’s now potentially up on charges himself and last night “broke down” on TV. He apparently has a “new family” who he lives with, and is supposedly dating the 15 year old girl of the woman. She claims the rumours are untrue, trusts him with her life, and the daughter looked considerably freaked out having him touch her. Her body language said it all. She was leaning into her mother, hands between her legs which were up under her chin. She leant as far away as possible from him and that said everything.

This is a male, coz he ain’t no man, who clearly has never had his shit together.

He blathered on when the show started. He cried and sobbed his story to Ronan and the country and for some reason Ronan had faith in him. He hid in his cave, forgot words and basically broke down every time the camera was on him.

Camera hog! Attention seeker! Moronic fucking idiot.

You need your head kicked in and you need to grow up because you clearly haven’t. Sony doesn’t distribute money that fast. Various artists have complained how they don’t get paid for months. And most artists only earn 20% off their records since everyone else has to be paid. He also wouldn’t have earned all the money from his tours.

He claims he should have about $400,000, although there was another estimate of $140,000 and supposedly he also claimed he hadn’t been paid by Sony for his record sales which will consist of $40-50,000.

Make up your fucking mind. Your manager clearly didn’t have that much money after all and the fact you hired him is your own fault.

Altiyan said Ronan rang him and asked him if he’d been paid. He said no and Ronan said he’d ring Sony and get it sorted. His manager was there and asked him what was said and when he found out had a go at Altiyan for saying anything at all. So clearly the manager got some money he didn’t tell Altiyan anything about.

Well, dumb cock, sue the bastard. Go for what you supposedly earned, if only YOU’D kept records of everything.

That’s what happens when you don’t take control of your financial records. Grow a fucking brain people. Don’t let other people deal with your money, that’s how accountants steal it.

And as for Altyan and his little 19 year old girlfriend he wants to marry. Grow the fuck up!

If anyone gives a shit, you can watch the video and read the full story *here*

Jewels xxoo

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