Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie Review: horror flicks and how much they sucked!

As I mentioned on my vlog over the weekend I've seen some movies lately and most of them have sucked.

The Wolfman, with Benicio what'shisname. Dumb arse remake with Aussie Hugo Weaving and really??????wasn't even scary.
The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves. Bullshit remake! Boring as batshit had no decent ending and I wanted to punch that kid in the face.

Daybreakers. For a vampire movie it REALLY SUCKED pun intended. Boring for a vamp movie not a lot of gore, kind of a new concept for the plague that changed humans beings into vamps instead of zombies. Mostly an Aussie cast where most of them die. I vaguely remember it being made here in Aus a few years ago. The ending was bullshit and yes, IT SUCKED!

Overall, if you like these kind of movies don't get too excited. Boring as batshit. Not big blockbusters, more like straight to video bombs. But if you get your rocks off on them, go for it.
Jewels xxoo


  1. I hope you got around to at elast one good movie to lately?? lol I had actually read good things about Daybreakers..

  2. Well on my youtube channel I reviewed Cloverfield, which was just like Godzilla and Paranormal Activity which was pretty good. Not the scariest movie ever but towards the end it made you freak out a little.


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