Monday, March 21, 2011

Australia's Biggest Loser Bullies. After Casey bitch slammed that kid, maybe he should do it to the Challenor brothers!

This year on Loser we have fat families and the red team, The Challenors, have shown what areshole bullies are all about.

While the world is still going on about Casey, the kid who fought back against his bully (watch my post from last Friday) then you know what I'm talking about, this family have shown that little arsehole bullies grow into big arsehole bullies.
Nathaniel, the one on the left, is 19. The others are his uncles. They are bullies, especially the two on the right, Joe and Damien, they are the ones left on the show.

Last night they put Nathaniel up for elimination and he was booted out. He teared up when they chose him. He didn't want to go home, he wanted to stay, but they gave him the death stare and he walked out of the room and told them he never wanted anything to do with them when he left.

They bullied him on the show. But did anyone do anything?


No one told them off for being bullies. The family fell apart until the trainer stepped in and had them have a heart to heart but that didn't last long.

They are absolute arseholes. Have bullied Nate for many years because, and their excuse was, "we did it to your father we didn't think you had a problem with us doing it to you".


There are not enough words for me to use on these arseholes. Every word you can imagine calling someone, I'm calling them.


And I really hope when they watch the show back and get home they face the wrath of Nathaniel's parents, friends and other family.

They are rude, self important bully boys.

Joe, third from left, is a childish, angry, insecure, tantrum throwing arsehole who likes to play the victim. He has walked out of challenges and meetings, yelled at everyonel, acted like a fucking child and been an absolute dickhead on the show.

The two fat uncles have teamed up against Nate from the beginning, and when a past loser winner, Sam, who's Nate's age, came back for a week to help them, they treated him far better and with more respect than their own nephew.

I really hope when this is over Nate walks away and never has anything to do with them. They are toxic people who shouldn't be around anyone but themselves. They are self important blowhards and bullies and they need to be knocked flat on their arses.

I doubt it will happen.

Although their trainer will soon find out what they've done and as for Australia, I don't think their attitudes have gone down well.

Jewels xxoo

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  1. That is horrible!! In Norway, two years ago on a reality program where you get votes off two girls bullied another girl. The producer broke in and the girls was kicked off the show. There really should be a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to bullying!!


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