Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up my shower curtain!



Especially great big hairy ones that pop up out of nowhere when you get in the shower and are about to turn the tap on because you desperately need to cool down after sweating all night becuase it was 42 fucking degrees the day before and only 30 something through the night and you sweltered and didn't sleep and now you need a shower.....

Fucking little bastard......

I sprayed and bashed the curtain coz he decided to hide behind it but I couldn't wait any longer so I went and had breakfast in front of the lounge room fan which was going full bore so I could cool down.

Then it was back to spider hunting but I couldn't find the little bastard so I pulled the curtain out of the way and just stood under the cold water and THEN I found him. Curled up under all my shower puffs.


Killed the little bastard and washed him down the drain.

Took about.....an hour all together......no wonder I'm late getting here.....

Jewels xxoo

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