Friday, February 18, 2011

Fat dicks won't date fat chicks. Well what makes you think we want you!

This week there was a story about how fat dicks....

Aren't attracted to and won't date fat chicks!

It seems anorexic is more their type.

Although nice and toned are what WE'RE looking for.
And seriously, I'd rather have some of this (have no idea what it is) than deal with a fat dick.

Seriously, how can fat men think fat chicks, okay, curvaceous chicks, aren't attractive. I certainly don't find anorexic or really skinny chicks attractive and I SURE AS HELL don't find fat bastards attractive.
I don' t want to date a six pack or a beer keg, but a man who knows how to keep himself healthy and in shape. If you don't keep yoursef healthy, you'll end up on the morgue slab sooner rather than later.
And no, I'm not interested in Mike and Molly and there dumb arse fat jokes. Just from what I've seen in the ads it turns me off. Would you want someone pulling a hair out of your nose because it was offending them?
Eiher way, I'm a curvaceous chick who wants a healthy man, NOT a fucking moron.
Jewels xxoo

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