Friday, January 14, 2011

Victorian couple abort IVF babies because they were boys. Now, they should be banned.

A Victorian couple have come under fire this week for aborting IVF twins.

Because they were boys!

They had conceived three boys naturally and had also had a girl, but she died soon after birth.

The mother was so desperate for a girl they wanted to be able to pick the sex of their next IVF baby.

The Patient Review Panel, an independent medical body has rejected their bid to choose the gender of their next child and so the couple have taken their case to Victoria’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal which has the power to reverse the earlier decisions. The case will be heard in March.

According to Victoria’s Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 sex selection is banned unless it is necessary to avoid the risk of transmission of a genetic abnormality or genetic disease to a child. All IVF clinics in Australia also subscribe to National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines that say sex selection should not be done except to reduce the transmission of a serious genetic condition.

However, apparently it is legal in most other countries to choose the sex of your baby.

My problem is this.

Yes, you should be able to choose the sex of your baby. I would want to, I want girls. I have enough nephews to sink a battle ship and don't particularly want sons unless I have a girl first.

But, this couple did the wrong thing. They knew they couldn't choose the sex in this country and yet still went ahead with the very expensive IVF treatment, and when finding out they were having boys, aborted them.

That was so fucking wrong.

If they wanted girls, they should have just gone to America and made it happen in the first place instead of wasting time, money and poor baby boys here instead.

I don't believe they should be allowed to use IVF in this country again. I think they should be banned. They knew they couldn't choose before and now they're fighting for the right after aborting two babies.

These arseholes have no right to any more IVF treatment in this country and should piss off overseas to get what they want. If they had've done that in the first place, we wouldn't have heard about it, and the baby boys would not have been aborted.

Shame on you you arseholes, you don't deserve any more children.

Jewels xxoo

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