Monday, January 17, 2011

Our floods have moved to another state, so what do we do now?

Well peeps, the Queensland floods are receeding, the state is getting back to normal, but unfortunately Victoria is now copping their share of floods but who's helping them?

Our unfortunate Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has decided that talking to people and patting their hands or arms is the best way to go.

Unlike our opposition leader, Tony Abbott and his deputy, Julie Bishop who made sandwiches and helped fill sand bags and got in and did stuff. And our old Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who Julia backstabbed last year for his job, he got in and helped people. He even told the reporter he was talking to to get in there and help out. "Don't just stand there," he said.

And then there's Anna Bligh, Qland's premier. Apparenty she was lagging in the polls and no one liked her anymore because she'd driven Qland into the ground finacially and every wich way, but now she's so popular again.


She hasn't done anything except do a news conference every hour and tell the army and SES services to get in there and clean up.

She's done nothing herself. Not made sandwiches, not filled sand bags, not gone into someone's home and helped clean up.


And neither has Julia.

They both gave 10 million to the relief fund, but considering Anna gets a good few million in g.s.t from Qland tax payers and Julia gives away 16 billion to foreign aid (every other pissin country that doesn't need our money) then they really could've given more.

Julia could give the 16 billion to OUR country for once and help us out instead of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Spend it here bitch!

George Negus, an Aussie reporter who's been around for decades asked Julia why she doesn't spend the 16 bill foreign aid here in the country to help recover and she didn't know what to say. She flailed and waved her hands around and went on the attack because she thought she was being attacked.


Don't vote Anna Bligh back in because she's sticking by the state. She's driven it into the ground and will continue to do so if she's voted back in.

As for Julia, let's get rid of the bitch!

Jewels xxoo

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