Monday, January 10, 2011

It's the second week of 2011. FUCK!

Well peeps, it's already the second week of the new year and I am still sick as a dog!

Have no idea where that saying came from, just know I am.

I thought I would have been over it by now but NOOOOOOO I'm still coughing up infected conjestion and having a right old good time doing it.

I'll try to be back again this wek peeps but unless I can get better in a hurry, not promising anything.

Hope your new year was better.

Had a think about it the other day and this is the third new years in a row I've been sick with something.

Nice huh!

Bitchfest will change a little again this year. I won't be so rigid on what days get what posts. I'll still do lolcats on Wednesday, but my fave things and quote of the week will be when I have something to post. Otherwise, it's back to bitching.

And the first thing I'm bitching about is this fucking virus I've got. Boiling hot and sweating like a pig one minute, freezing like the Antarctic and shaking like a glass full of ice cubes the next.


On top of that, I also stubbed a toe and bruised my left thumb knuckle, where the thumb meets the hand. Has been hurting for weeks but is slowly getting better.

As for my xmas holiday, got a lot of work done, finished typing up my new novel and got it ready for submitting.

Hope you've all been better than me peeps.

Jewels xxoo


  1. How's the cold/flu?!

    Cannot wait to see the changes and of course, I cannot complain with more bitchin' xD that's what charmed me in the first place hahaha

  2. Whatever the woggy little virus is I have, I still have it!


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