Wednesday, January 26, 2011


While it would normally be Lol Cats Wednesday today is Australia Day. It's similar to Independence Day and whatever else you all celebrate for your country, so I'm taking the day off, since it's a holiday and all, and am off to relax on my tropical island.
And quite frankly, since we are Australia, the whole republic debate keeps rising it's head and that would mean changing our national anthem and of course our national f
Quite frankly I think we should become a republic merely so I can be president. I've mentioned it before, I'll keep mentioning it until it comes true!


  1. Hey babe, happy Australia day and I hope you are having a blast on your island adventure. I am off to an island adventure after work tonight but I really do not feel like going, the weather's been crazy here.

  2. Well the weather's flattened out here. Not much rain so no more flooding. But we are getting heat being summer and all.


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