Monday, January 3, 2011

Bitchfest! is 2, I've been sick, Jennifer Hawkins is engaged. WHO REALLY GIVES A FUCK!

THAT'S RIGHT PEEPS, BITCHFEST! IS 2!!!!!! As of Jan 1 that was. I know I'm behind, I've been on a holiday from the internet, and now I'll be having another week off because my New Year had me like this...

Trust me, when you get a virus that causes boiling hot and sweating like a pig one moment and freezing cold and shaking like a leaf the next, it sucks. Now I have a cough that's full of mucus! And EVERYTHING hurts!!!!!


In other news, model Jake Wall proposed to Jennifer Hawkins on New Years Eve, we all found out yesterday because they've already sold the story to a magazine for $300,000. The ring cost $200,000.

And the other good news about Jennifer is that because she has a cranky pants manager, her swimwear line has now been cut from the Myer fashion parade at G'Day USA this month in L.A.


And by the way, this is Rachel Finch.
She claimed this morning on tv that she ate so much over New Year she developed love handles.


When are these anorexic girls going to stop being idiots and stop denying they're anorexic. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL she gained weight! I saw her. THERE WAS NOTHING OF HER!!!

Well I'm off for the week to recuperate. Just as well I have my large harem of men to make me better.

And I really hate it when what you write is all bunched up like this. Blech!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon sweetie. Happy 2 years to Bitchfest! I hate hearing stories anorexic bitches eating so much and blah blah blah, makes me say to myself, damn if they think they are fat then what am I? Anyway, take care sweetie, feel better soon.

  2. Did you see the $200K custom diamond ring? What a rip off. Looks like a Zamels special to me.


  3. Jacqui, you know I can't stand the bitch so I haven't looked but clearly he earns shitloads, oh no wait, the sale of the story to the magazine would've covered the cost.

    Yeah, they sold the story "before" he proposed coz that was just waaayyy to quick.

  4. Oh, you're so right. I didn't even consider that! Fame whores.



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