Friday, December 17, 2010

Shame on you Jackie O. Naming your baby one name then calling it by another.

This week Jackie O of Kyle and Jackie O fame had her baby.

After a year or so of trying, they tried IVF this year and it seems she just needed some hormones in her to get pregnant.

Turns out she named the baby girl Catalina.

Which is nice. I like it, it's unusual but there's a problem.

Or more like, Jackie has a problem.

While they named the baby Catalina, Jackie's going to call her Kitty!

Hello Kitty!


I have an issue with naming babies one thing and then calling them another. Every week I go through the births column in the local paper and see what absolutely atrocious names people are calling their kids these days.

Alot of people come up with unusual names which are nice. Others come up with names so vile you want to punch them in the head. Others call their kid one thing but then have the nickname in brackets.

Look people, if you're going to give your kid a nickname right off the bat then don't bother naming them something else to begin with.

I have all sorts of issues with Jackie. I seriously hope that child doesn't have any serious health problems because of Jackie's years of stupid dieting and smoking. Jackie has serious body image issues and I'll bet anything she's already trying to lose what little baby fat she gained.

Eating fried rice for breakfast was not the healthy option Jackie and you need to get your head together otherwise that child is going to grow up with body and image issues just like you because your problems will rub off on her.

But back to baby names. You don't name your child one thing and then call it another. That's stupid bullshit and it needs to stop. It's different if you name your kid Andrew then call him Andy as a child. But to call it something completely different to what you named it, is stupid bullshit.

But as I wrote earlier, I have several issues with Jackie and this one just adds to the pile.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Catalina.... Kitty. Not sure how it can even ressemble to Catalina.

    Have you heard of Jermaine Jackson's kids name?! Jermajesty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have! but then all the Jackson's are weird.

    Joe Jackson thinks beating his kids kept them out of trouble. It just made them have sex and become fathers while they were still young and caused Michael to be weird.


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