Friday, December 10, 2010

Just because Oprah has a best friend doesn't make her a lesbian!

When the fuck are people going to leave women alone?

I’m talking about the fuckwits who are constantly going on about how two women cannot possibly be best friends without being lesbians.

Like all the reporters who have stated for the last 20 something years that because Oprah never married a man, she must be gay.

Never mind that the majority of women have women for best friends.

Never mind the fact that women will have sleep overs, trip, days out with other women.

Never mind the fact that a man who enjoys the same thing MUST be gay.

If a guy does anything with his bestie, then they’re mates!

If a woman does it, she’s a lesbian.

The double standards should have been abolished decades ago, but no, they’re still there, for all to shoot down in flames.

I agree with Oprah. The thing that annoys me is that someone doesn’t believe her.

Why would anyone continue to go on and on about something that has been done to death unless they’re hoping Oprah and Gayle will finally out themselves and the dick reporting will get the scoop.

Listen fuckwit.

You don’t label two best males as faggots, so don’t label two best girls as lesos.

You do it, and you’ll get your balls cut off.

Oh wait… don’t have any, that’s why you keep harping on about Oprah and Gayle being lesbians.

Fuck off arseholes. Even I’m sick of you!

Jewels xxoo

1 comment:

  1. AMEN!!!!!

    It's not because she never married the guy she's been with for years that it makes her a lesbian. Congrats to her for not doing something she never believed in; she's authentic. And like she said, hiding who she is and being ashamed of herself is NOT the way she runs her life. And clearly she has proven that time and time again over the decades.


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