Friday, November 26, 2010

When are celebrities overexposed? When you change the channel on them!

Last year's Australian Masterchef winner was Julie Goodwin.
Her prize was money and a cookbook contract. Which is understandable.
She also got an advertising gig selling Glad bakewear and containers.
She also got a gig selling large size clothing for ladies for a chain called Autograph.
Now, she's got a christmas cd out. Which she advertised this morning on the Today show of which she has a regular weekly gig. And that's on TOP of her own cooking show that channel 9 gave her.

Now, while I'm all for going in a competition and if you win, being lucky enough to have companies throw themselves and their products at me, then yeah, I might grab them and run.
But there comes a time when you just want people to go away. When they are overexposed to the point you change the channel when you see them because you don't want to see them anymore.
If opportunites came my way, sure I'll take them, but I also know when to go away and take a break and not make people sick of me.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Sounds like Jennifer Hawkins. First a Donald Trump funded bikini contest called Miss Universe, then Myer, then Covergirl, then Loveable, the spring racing carnival, "her own" swimwear and "her own" shoes (just copies of Giuseppe Zanotti's if you ask me). WILL YOU JUST F*CK OFF ALREADY? Guess what's going to happen to her $2M-insured legs if I ever see her?

  2. I know, get rid of the bitch already!


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