Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ugly dog Altiyan Childs wins Australian X Factor. WHY? For the love of God. WHY?

Normally, Tuesdays are for my fave things, but since I don't have any this week, I'm going to bitch about somehting we all know about.
That's right, the Australian X Factor.

The final was last night and God knows how, it came down between Sally Chatfield and Altiyan Childs. As you can see by the pic below, Altiyan Childs won.

You can also see that he's incredibly insecure. He lacks self esteem, self worth, self respect, self confidence. He constantly carried on like he was not worthy, not deserving and shouldn't be there.
He was right.
He shouldn't have been there. He's an ugly dog of a 36 year old who's going to have a hell of a hard time carving out a career.
I have no idea how Sony's going to market him, as there aren't any solo rock singers in Australia that do well. There's a few who get by, but don't do well.
The only shining light on his whole performance was when he performed with INXS. It showed that being the lead singer of a rock band was all he was good for.
But he'd already done that, years ago, and that failed miserably as well.
Altiyan Childs is just that. A child. Who has insecurities he needs to deal with, otherwise he'll fail again, just like last time.
As for me, he's an ugly dog who needs to grow up and whose singles/cds I will not be buying. And while the single and cd may do well, success will be hard to follow. His career could very well fade into oblivion like the rest of the X Factor top 12, and all of the Aus Idol stars who we've haven't heard of since.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Your right. He sucked badly. Andrew was the only contestant in the top three that could actually sing.
    It was scary how the fans were brainwashed into believing Altyan was some kind of rock god when he couldn't sing for a bag of peanuts and he even forgot the lyrics sometimes (to INXS! Can believe that?). Not to mention those awful cheesy quotes about life he let out when he wasn't singing.
    Overall this has got to be the most ludicrous result for a singing competition show ever, there hasn't been a winner less deserving than him.
    Well I got that off my chest.

  2. I think the first few years of Idol sucked all the good people out. The rest were bad, which is why they had not only scraped the bottom of the barrel on X factor, but they kept on digging all the way through to the dirt underneath.

    My mum thought Sally was a fat blob, some of the other girls were okay and I'd say Mahogany will be the ones to be most bankable.

    If Simon Cowell wants to make money, get Mahogany out there.

  3. hi i think you are very rude and immature.....Atilyan is a man with a gentle soul more than i say for you ...you need to look inside your evil heart......we all need to learn to love each other even if we dont agree with who they are....we donot write such hideous crapp about someone like that......how would you like some one to write evil stuff about you and by your article it probably would be true

  4. Well evam I could say you're an uneducated idiot for your lack of spelling skills.

    I'm entitled to my opinion as you are, I don't like Altiyan, that's my right. I'm the same age as him and he's an ugly dog. I wouldn't buy his stuff and that's my choice.

    Oh, and people have written evil stuff about me, but that's their choice, not mine and since this is my blog I don't give a fuck what you think of me.


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