Friday, November 12, 2010

Should people on the dole get vouchers instead of money?

There's a member of parliament here in Aus who wants to start handing our vouchers for food and what not instead of giving fortnightly dole payments.

Now on one hand, for some people, I can understand that would be appropriate, as a lot of people do spend most of the money on smokes and alcohol. And there's no point arguing, it's true and we all know it. Some deros (derelicts) would rather pleasure themselves with their vices than look after their children. Hell, that's why so many of them have so many children. For the dole/child endowment payments.

Back in the war days, people had vouchers, so why would now be so wrong?

At least you know the rent will be paid, there will be food, the kids will be looked after for the most part.

So what's wrong with handing out vouchers to some people on welfare?

Nothing as far as I'm concerned.

Jewels xxoo


  1. So fucking agree. Bring in the vouchers.

  2. And it happens to be the ones on the dole who are complaining, because they don't want their money taken off them, then they can't buy their alcohol and cigarettes.


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