Monday, November 15, 2010

Politicians, and why they need to pull their fucking heads out of their arses.

I want to bitch about the political bullshit that is constantly going on and on and on in parliament, the media and print.

I'm talking the bullshit that obviously comes out of their mouths during parliament when they're supposed to be talking through legislation and sorting out the bits and bobs that come with life as a pollie.

But no!

They use it as a slinging match. Verbally abusing and insulting, demeaning and revolting, they just can't help themselves. They have to abuse each other like it's the best thing around.

Kids in a schoolyard is pretty much how they look and sound.

It's like ''he took my toy so I had to beat him up'', ''she kissed a boy I like so I hit her''.

Seriously people, you call yourselves the leaders of this country.

Dumb arse bloody morons is what you are and I seriously don't want you running my country thanks very much.

Yelling and screaming back and forth across the table, turning your back on the other when speaking, making childishly rude gestures indicating they're a dickhead.

Something we all know mind you so you don't need to indicate.

I am absolutely sick to fucking death of our parliamentarians and the bullshit that comes out of their mouths. I don't pay you to sit around and be a fucking wanker all day Julia Gillard.

Well I think it's time the politicians of most countries, if not all countries, got off their fucking high horse and grew up. I'm sick to death of the bullshit and childishness and want adults leading my country into the future.

So to the politicians of Australia and the world, pull you're fucking head out and grow a brain. Grow up and be adults, not children in a pissing playground.

Jewels xxoo

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