Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Favourite Things: new bed, chocolate, pie, and my vlog jewellery.

This was kinda the closest pic of my bed that I could find on google. It's a Sleepmaker posture sleep, and bigger.

And while waiting for my bed to arrive, I ate half a chicken and half a Sara Lee chocolate pie with chocolate ice cream.

And I downed a few supermarket brand cherry bites. Mmmmmmm.....
And for those who want a closer look at my vlog jewellery. The bracelet has a skull on either side of the black stone.


  1. I love your jewelry! I'm so jealous! And the Cherry Bites look yummy! I wish we had those in Canada!

    I'm totally happy for you that you finally got your bed!

  2. Congrats on finally getting your bed!! And those skull rings are fierce!

  3. Thanks Carina, I only really got into skulls this year and found these online.

  4. THE BED!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

    Got me craving!!! Mmmm!!! Chocolate!!!

    The bling is fucking awesome!!!! If I was that Julia Prime Bitch I'd steal them from ya lol


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