Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favourite Things: Glee, well it used to be.

I, like millions of others, quite liked Glee when it premiered last year. But then we had to wait for the actual series to start. And I watched it. For awhile. Finding myself getting bored.

And I was so extremely disappointed in the finale that I wasn't sure I wanted to see the new series.

As it was, I didn't see the first episode. I watched the Britney episode and have seen a few since but last nights eps annoyed me.

It was the one where Kurt's dad and Finn's mum got married. That wasn't the issue.

The issue was the bullying.

Yes, it had been going on for awhile, and yes Kurt has been standing up for himself, but with the whole gay guys killing themselves because of being bullied, (I have another opinion on that), Kurt's dad did the wrong thing last night.

Let me explain.

He was at the school being taught to dance by Kurt, and Finn was there. Finn wanted the door shut so no one saw, the bully saw, and made a stupid hand gesture. Burt wanted to know what was going on, and upon hearing the guy had threatened to kill his son went after him.

Good on him.

It also showed him telling Sue what for, and sticking up for his son was well done.

What my problem is, was when Burt and Kurt were leaving the office, Kurt told Sue that calling him Lady was bullying and she was just as bad. She then asked him what he wanted to be called and gave him options. He chose one and they walked out.



That's the contradiction with shows lately. Packed to the Rafters did it with Mel's death. One minute she made the comment Ben would have to wait coz she was driving and couldn't text back, thirty seconds later she texted back and boom! she died in a car crash.

Well this is the same. Burt was standing up for his son to a bully, but didn't stand up for him to the bully called Sue?

What's the point, you may as well not bother standing up and defending at all. If you defend against one, you must defend against all.

That's the way it just have to be.

Jewels xxoo

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