Monday, November 22, 2010

The changing face of Australia. Should we put up with it, and why we should stop it.

There's been a lot going on in Australia these last few years.
We've allowed in too many illegal immigrants.
I've got nothing against people coming here legally, although that should definitely be cut down, it's those from middle eastern/indian countries that jump on boats, float in, and expect to stay that I'm disagreeing about.
Sudanese refugees are stabbing each other. That's not good. They bring their wars, conflicts and problems with them. Just like the Vietnamese did back in the 60s and 70s with their "Triad" bullshit.
But that's not all. Australia hasn't been a "white country" for some time. We opened our arms and borders when we invited the "ten pound poms" in. We needed immigration then to boost the population.
But how far will it go?
How far and how long will we tolerate bullshit from other countries, religions and nationalities.
It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with bullshit beliefs, old war conflicts and general garbage they think they have the right to go on with.
Do we need to stop people coming in?
I think we should for a while.
Legally, we allow over 200,00 people a year. Illegally, it's a few thousand, but still, they are the ones bringing rape, assault, diseases and war conflicts with them. Expecting assylum if they sew their lips together or sit on a roof for weeks on end not eating.
We really don't give a shit.
And as for religion. The muslim religion seems to be the worst of all. They love throwing their "beliefs" around in everyone's faces, believing they are the only laws and we are all racist and should abide by their way.
You ain't in muslim country now, you're in Australia.
But is Australia even Australia anymore?
The whole debate over banning the burqa came up again this week.
A MUSLIM woman who accused a New South Wales police officer of forcibly removing her face veil has been sentenced to six months' jail.
Carnita Matthews, 46, of Woodbine in Sydney's south, had in August pleaded not guilty to one charge of knowingly making a false complaint relating to events in June.
But in Campbelltown Local Court today, Magistrate Robert Rabbidge said the "evidence was overwhelming" that Matthews had submitted a false declaration to police.
"There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew that the complaint she was making was false," he said in sentencing Matthews.
The mother of seven was stopped in June by a police officer at Woodbine for a random breath test. She later filed a police complaint alleging the officer who pulled her over had tried to pull off her hijab, which concealed her entire face except for her eyes.
The court was told that after being issued an infringement notice for not properly displaying her P-plates, the 46-year-old branded the officer "a racist" and claimed he only booked her because of what she was wearing.
"I've got my P-plates on my car ... there was nothing wrong with how they were displayed," Ms Matthews said on the video. "You look at me and see me wearing this and you couldn't handle it. All cops are racist."
The court heard that Ms Matthews then drove to Campbelltown police station to complain that she was unfairly treated by the officer.
Giving evidence yesterday, the station officer who took the complaint said he had told Ms Matthews the officer had been right to ask for identification.
In a statement read to the court, Sergeant Paul Kearney said he told her: "I'm looking at you and all I can see is two eyes."However, the court was told that an officer who three days later accepted a statutory declaration from a burqa-clad woman he assumed to be Ms Matthews failed to check her identification.
Ms Matthews' lawyer, Stephen Hopper, said there was no way for police to prove that his client was the one who signed the statutory declaration at Campbelltown police station on June 10. Mr Hopper said that meant Ms Matthews should not have been charged with the offence of making a false complaint to police.
Considering what the bitch's laywer said in the above paragraph, I'd say he brought an end to the debate. The burqa needs to be banned.
In fact, I'm going one step further.
Burqas, crosses, priests, churches.
We all know what the "Catholic" priests do, get rid of them too.
I'm just sick and tired of Australia no longer being the Australia I grew up in. It's not a nice place to be anymore. Too many people, drought, high bills, lack of law, bitch face prime ministers giving away all our money.
It's just not nice anymore.
We'll be a third world country in ten years. Then no one will want to come. Although it's not like any other country would take all of us if we needed to leave and become refugees.
Oh no, no one would take us at all.
Jewels xxoo

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