Friday, October 22, 2010

Retards leaving sick replies on other people's blogs. JUST FUCK OFF, crawl back under the rock you live under and leave us the fuck alone!

This one has really peeved me lately.
Because it's proving that there are some people out there who are real knobs.
When you start a blog etc, it's a place for you to go to express your own opinions, thoughts, morals, standards. You write about things that annoy you, you love, you hate, you did, you wouldn't do, places you've gone, things you've done.
Many people choose to leave their name and have it as a very public view into their life. Friends, family and co-workers find it, read it, and leave messages.
And we all know what happens to some of those people. If you post idiotic pics on your page then you might just get fired.
Many people choose to blog anonymously, or with a pseudonym, non-de-plume, alter ego, pen name, character name etc. We also discuss our thoughts, feelings, what we like, don't like, did, didn't do.
And we also follow people and their blogs. Leaving replies to their posts, agreeing, disagreeing, laughing, crying, cheering them on, giving them a round of applause.
But then comes the time you get absolute fucking morons leaving replies.
Many do it anonymously. Many will click the anonymous button but leave their name on the post, thinking that will be okay.
It's fine if you have something productive to say.
Most of you don't.
Most of you have never heard of discussing a subject. Oh no, THAT seems to be a foreign concept to some of you. Apparently the very idea of saying you disagree is beyond you. Instead you have to insult us, for HAVING the opinion in the first place. Slagging us off, calling us retarded, hoping we die a nasty death, bad karma's gonna kill us, you hope we rot in hell, etc,etc,etc.
Oh yeah, I've gotten many of them.
Fucked up morons have no idea how to disagree and then discuss THEIR opinions.
I think they troll blogs merely to vent their own frustrations. They either don't have blogs of their own, or if they do, they clearly have nothing to write about, or what they do write about is so fucking boring no one leaves a reply.
And so they feel the need to vent their anger, venom and general life frustration on other people because they're too arse lazy to sort their own shit out.
My blog is for that. Venting MY anger and frustration about what I see and hear in the world.

But it's MY blog. If you don't like it fuck off. If you don't agree, say you don't agree and then express your own opinion, otherwise... fuck off.
I don't need or want YOUR shit at my blog. And many other bloggers don't want the same thing either. Many bloggers I follow have gotten them. The anonymous blogger who feels the need to vent their shit all over you and your blog and then they're too fucking gutless to brand it with their name for fear of getting their own shit back in their face.
And some venomous people have gotten it back when they've been dumb enough to leave their name or blog site, with their blogs being absolutely drenched in bitchy replies by followers of the blog they slagged off.
Of course some anons REALLY don't like being pulled up on what they say. They love reading a post, only to spew crap in the reply box, never really understanding or comprehending the content of the post.
Had a lot of those too. A post I left last year has been started up again this year, all because the person I briefly mentioned had to get his face on t.v again. It never occured to them that the majority of the post wasn't actually about him.
Oh no, THAT never even occured to them.
It never occured to them to ACTUALLY read the post word for word and to understand the point of it.
Oh no!
On another post, I had 21 year old girls who believed themselves to be better and far more educated about things. When in fact, they weren't. And when I had the gall to bring them up on what they'd said I got accused of being slanderous towards certain "sexualities" when I hadn't even mentioned certain "sexualities". And then they bitched that I had left their details in my reply. Just showing you I actually do research bitches.

And just yesterday I got a reply to my manners post from someone who told me -

Just wondering if you have ever made a post without "fuck" written in there somewhere. I guess there are a few about, but they seem to be hard to find. You must be really miserable with your own life to devote so much time to writing crap about everyone and everything. And according to your thoughts on manners, well your parents must have left you a bit short on the mark, because you truly are a foul mouthed idiot.Guess what? There are other adverbs and adjectives other than fuck, maybe get a dictionary, or go to school to catch up a bit

part of my reply was - Aw Dave, the word fuck has nothing to do with manners. It's a part of the english language. And yes, although you clearly didn't bother looking, plenty of my posts don't have the word in it. But either way Dick, this is my blog and if I want to use the word fuck in every post, that's my right. YOU don't have the right to tell me otherwise. If you don't like it, fuck off!

Dave's profile is private, like so many others, they have blogs and like to slag off other people but don't want anyone doing it to them.



Seriously, I know everyone's entitiled to an opinion, and yes, I do slam people here on my blog. But that's just for me. You don't need to agree. You don't even need to read it, or leave a reply. But you sure as hell don't need to wish me death.
Although let me tell you arseholes. Yes, I believe in karma, but the law of karma decrees when and how we die. So you can wish me death, you can make a voodoo doll and stick pins in me, you can send vile angry affirmations out to the world that I die a nasty painful death at the hands of some psycho.
It will do nothing except make you an even more angry, vile, hatefilled person. You're really doing yourselves a diservice by sending all your hatred and anger towards me. But you know what.
That's what you all stupidly believe, and so you get even more angry when I don't. That I ACTUALLY give a shit about what you think. Let me tell you. After nearly two years of doing this blog, yes, I get all twittery and nervous when I see a post has more replies, but then I read them and think what miserable sick people there are out there.
And sure, many of you miserable sick people will think I'm the same way.
Again, I DON'T CARE!
I'm living my life the way I want to live it. My blog is the place for me to vent my frustrations, and so my normal life is fairly healthy and carefree. Sure, I have a few health problems, and what not, but in general, my karma is quite good. I don't have debt, I haven't had an accident, I'm not disabled.
And I don't believe God will strike me down because I don't believe in him, or have differing opinions from everyone else. We were given brains....well...most of us were, with the ability to discuss, agree, disagree, have our OWN opinion.
But how do you think God would like you slagging off someone just because they wrote something you didn't like.
There will always be something in this world we don't like. Poverty, hunger, Justin Bieber, but that's okay. That's the way the world works. We form our OWN opinions about things and have rational decent conversations about it.
Well, rational decent people will anyway.
But some of you just can't do that.
You feel the need to wish death and retardation on people. What sort of person does that make you? What sort of sick, angry individual are you?
The sort whose own real life sucks shit and so you have the need to vent on others. Don't worry bitches, I grew up with sisters like you.
I also know some of you will be thinking, "but you called me a retard!" Yes, you immature idiotic retarded children. If I did, I did in reply from being called one. I have no need to call my followers names or insult them. I only insult fuckwits who leave their replies anonymously or spew shit at me.
So go spew your shit somewhere else, because in future I'll either remove your post or make it so you can't leave a message. Which I've already done by making it so you can't leave an anonymous reply.
Because I don't like you either!
But then you won't care.
So what makes you think I do?
Jewels xxoo


  1. you know what i dont get about the anon commenters... how they find the posts...
    like do they just save blogs that they think it will be fun to anon on... or do they set out each day with a topic to hit and trawl all blogs that have posted about that topic...
    it always just seems a bit strange.

  2. Well one of them on the Jim Stynes post said she googled Jim Stynes cancer, so maybe they just troll google, or see me on twitter, or facebook and decide to have a look.

    Either way, have an opinion on the subject, don't wish me death.

    And I set the replies so you have to use an id, no more anons!

  3. On the internet, people will always use anonymity as a good excuse to be a cock sucker.

    I wouldn't even let it bother you.

    Delete their comment and move on.

  4. I have deleted really vile replies in the past depending on the language, but now I leave some of them to show what knobs other people are so they can be ridiculed by posters after them.

  5. David, don't preach about others needing to go back to school. Learn how to punctuate and then form an opinion on intelligence.


  6. What I don't get is the backlash towards the use of the word "Fuck"! It's just a great word that has emphasis! I don't understand why a word can ruffle people's feathers so easily. Fucking idiots!

    Keep up what you are doing Jewels! I love your posts. This was a great rant, by the way!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Jacqui good to see you back!


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